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Group Fractal Inc. specializes in providing WordPress Design and Development solutions to elevate your WordPress website and enhance its performance.

We design, build and develop high-standard WordPress websites. Being an experienced WordPress development agency in Canada, we are committed to delivering robust, responsive, and secure WordPress websites with the latest features for our clients.

Our WordPress design and development services are goal-oriented and customized based on the requirements of your business.

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  • Red CheckmarkWordPress eCommerce Development
  • Red CheckmarkWordPress Theme Design
  • Red CheckmarkWordPress Migration and Upgrade
  • Red CheckmarkWordPress Maintenance and Support Service

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Transform Your WordPress Website

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WordPress Development
and Programming

As you may know, WordPress uses a handful of programming languages and techniques. The core logic of WordPress is basically written in PHP. Its database uses SQL. The posts and pages are in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Other libraries are also available, such as JQuery and ReactJS. We know it can get confusing for people who want to create a website!

At GroupFractal, we understand the necessity of customization for each client, so having expertise in all of the WordPress programming languages is one of our specialties. If you are interested in developing or revising an eCommerce website, you will want extensions and plugins, such as WooCommerce, which provides a payment platform, among other beneficial features. Additionally, plugins, themes, and core software become outdated and vulnerable to outside attacks, so it is essential to mitigate these possibilities.

Brands We've Worked With

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15 Years of Expertise

With years of experience in the field, we’ve mastered the art of WordPress design and development.


WordPress Best Practices & Industry Standards

Our programming experts consistently use WordPress best practices, ensuring your website(s) use the most efficient, effective, and straightforward methods.


WordPress Development

  • Red CheckmarkCustom WordPress solutions.
  • Red CheckmarkTailored WordPress development to meet your unique needs.
  • Red CheckmarkCreate a powerful online presence with custom features.
  • Red CheckmarkA seamless WordPress experience for your audience.

WordPress Maintenance and Update

  • Red CheckmarkHassle-free management.
  • Red CheckmarkEnsure your WordPress website stays up to date.
  • Red CheckmarkRegular maintenance to prevent issues and downtime.
  • Red CheckmarkA worry-free experience for you and your visitors.

WordPress UI/UX Optimization

  • Red CheckmarkUser-centric design.
  • Red CheckmarkImprove the user experience with intuitive design.
  • Red CheckmarkEnhance navigation and engagement.
  • Red CheckmarkCapture and retain your audience’s attention.

WordPress Speed Optimization

  • Red CheckmarkLightning-fast websites.
  • Red CheckmarkFine-tune your WordPress website for optimal speed.
  • Red CheckmarkEnhance user experience and search rankings.
  • Red CheckmarkReduce bounce rates and improve conversions.

WordPress Security and Website Hardening

  • Red CheckmarkFortified protection.
  • Red CheckmarkStrengthen your WordPress website’s security.
  • Red CheckmarkHarden your website against potential threats.
  • Red CheckmarkEnsure your data and visitors are safe.

WordPress Recovery and Incident Response

  • Red CheckmarkRapid recovery.
  • Red CheckmarkExpert incident response to address issues promptly.
  • Red CheckmarkMinimize downtime and data loss.
  • Red CheckmarkGet back on track with confidence.

Our Approach to Programming
Your WordPress Site

We have highly experienced tech experts in-house and only hire the best. You will never be straddled with beginners or third-party off-shore developers.

All projects are secured by NDA A non-disclosure agreement will be signed before any project information is shared. This protects your proprietary information forever.

Our In-house Developers and Project Managers are always looking for the most effective and successful ways to:

  • Red CheckmarkWordPress Custom Integration
  • Red CheckmarkWordPress eCommerce Development
  • Red CheckmarkWordPress Theme Design
  • Red CheckmarkWordPress Migration and Upgrade
  • Red CheckmarkWordPress Maintenance and Support Service

You can count on the GroupFractal extras.

Dedicated Project Manager
Clear & Concise Project Scope
Lifetime Bug Fixes
Secured Project NDA

Ongoing Foresight – we look ahead
Continued Support & Maintenance
Emergency Care
Ongoing Site Optimization

Industries We Serve

Retail & eCommerce

The online retail and eCommerce internet landscape is more crowded than ever before. In order to be seen and heard, site development, SEO, and highly targeted marketing that focuses on retention are key. GroupFractal can develop a custom software solution that will help your company get a consistent increase in new customers and tools that will keep them.

Real Estate

The online real estate market is used by over 97% of homebuyers, so if you don’t develop an online website that is frequently updated, you’re losing traction and business. Group Fractal can develop a web application that includes optimal features, such as new housing listings and inventory, electronic contracts, social media connections, pertinent blogs, and more.


People are using the internet for medical and healthcare needs. It is now essential for healthcare providers to focus on growing and improving their digital presence. Get a custom WordPress website with built-in features your patients will appreciate like remote consultations, appointment setting, test results, urgent care links, vaccine locations, insurance options, and more.

Cafes & Restaurants

Your local customers want to research your establishment in advance, and that includes a complete list of menu items, photos, prices, atmosphere, and more. We offer WordPress website design services that will compel your target audience to frequent the website and the establishment while also encouraging online ordering for pick-up or delivery, and dine-in reservations.


If you’re an online teacher, school, university, mentor, coach or other type of educator you will want applications that work on all devices. Spending the time to provide the best educational platform for your students will increase popularity and usage. We can develop your custom WP website that has all of the tools built in, such as video calls, assignments, live webinars, and other unique teaching features.


Large, medium, and small construction companies are faring very well on the internet. GroupFractal has the expert skills for WordPress site development in the construction industry. We can include live-support for on-the-spot customer assistance, and other customer-friendly WordPress components that will create loyalty and encourage referrals.

Health/Wellness Spas

Successful medical spa web design starts with brand strategy. We are known for helping med spa owners in designing, developing and marketing their websites to acquire more online clients. Get custom WordPress website design services for your business. Attract your customers with an easy-to-use website to use, including online bookings.


There will always be a need for local contractors, pet sitters, plumbers, painters, hair salons, and more! Most people’s lives revolve around local services. Less than half of most types of local services are not on the internet! So let us create or jump start your custom WordPress website and help your potential local customers find you online easily! Stay ahead of the competition!

Entertainment Centres

Entertainment venues, family playing centres and more can no longer survive with just word-of-mouth. There are so many available options in most cities so make it an easy choice so your customers will visit again and again. GroupFractal is known as a website development agency! We will develop your WordPress site to make ticket, reservations, and purchases a snap!

Digital Marketing Strategies, eCommerce and CRO Solutions

Advanced Analytics

We utilize tools like Google Analytics (GA4) for in-depth data analysis, capturing deeper insights into website and app engagement. This includes advanced eCommerce tracking for features like add-to-carts and coupon codes. Additionally, we integrate payment gateways and platforms such as SalesForce, Hubspot, and Shopify, along with custom forms.

Custom Integration

If your business is unique, you’ll likely need a tailored software solution. This might vary from basic plugins moving data between databases to a custom CMS using APIs for software interaction. Custom integrations might also involve payment gateways, platforms like Salesforce, Hubspot, Analytics, Shopify, and specialized forms.

Building Custom Applications

Off-the-shelf plugins or extensions may not meet specific business requirements. Thus, we craft and integrate custom portals, either as standalone plugins or extensions to existing ones, to amplify WP functionality for users. We also integrate payment solutions and platforms such as SalesForce, Hubspot, Analytics, Shopify, along with tailored forms.

WordPress Security Enhancement

A secure website is paramount, as risks from relentless hackers persist. To fortify your site, we employ measures like SSL installation, WordPress Security plugins, 2-factor authentication, login attempt limits, suspicious login alerts, Regular automated backups, and a web application firewall. With GroupFractal, rest assured of top-tier security.

WordPress Migration and Upgrade

If you are looking to move your site from one hosting company to another, we can provide this service seamlessly without affecting its functionality. We ensure a smooth transition without hiccups, handling backups, database transfer, and file uploads. Plus, we adjust configurations and DNS settings.

WPML Issue Resolution

If you are looking to move your site from one hosting company to another, we can provide this service seamlessly without affecting its functionality. We ensure a smooth transition without hiccups, handling backups, database transfer, and file uploads. Plus, we adjust configurations and DNS settings.

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