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Empowering Local Businesses with Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting

GroupFractal Inc. specializes in providing local businesses with powerful analytics and reporting solutions. We’re here to help you uncover local traffic sources, track leads, and analyze valuable geo data to drive your local business forward.


Maximizing Every Local Insight with Transparency

Every data point counts in local analytics. Our commitment ensures not just collecting data but turning it into actionable insights for your local business. With clear, regular reporting, you’re always in the loop.

15 Years of Local Analytics & Reporting Expertise

With years of experience in local analytics and reporting, our knowledge runs deep, and our results speak for themselves in uncovering local insights.


What our clients
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Ecommerce SEO

“We’ve worked with them for a few years now and have always been very pleased with their work, their knowledge, and their responsiveness. Highly recommend.”

SEO Marketing Campaign

“It is our great pleasure to give our feedback to a wonderful team of professionals from Group Fractal, who we deal with for many years now. It is so important for us to have our online campaign in a good hands.”

Magento Development

“Groupfractal has helped me with our Magento store by staying on top of e-commerce strategies, content marketing, and conversion rate optimization. By partnering up with them, we have seen our conversions increase significantly.”


Local Analytics & Reporting Offerings

Local Traffic Sources Insights

Gain a deep understanding of where your local traffic is coming from. Our analytics unveil the sources driving visitors to your local business, helping you optimize your marketing efforts.

Lead Tracking & Conversion Point Analysis

Track leads and analyze conversion points specific to your local business. Our reporting tools provide insights into what’s working and where improvements can be made for lead generation and conversions.

Geo Analytics for Local Insights

Analyze geo data to uncover local trends, demographics, and geographic areas where your business is thriving. Use this information to tailor your strategies for maximum local impact.

Technical Analytics Proficiency

Beyond data collection, we excel in the technical aspects of analytics and reporting. From setting up tracking systems to integrating data sources, we ensure accuracy and completeness.

Local Competition Benchmarking

Measure your local business’s performance against local competitors. Identify strengths and weaknesses to stay ahead in your local market.

Performance Analysis & Optimization Recommendations

Receive detailed reports that go beyond numbers. We provide actionable insights and recommendations for optimizing your local business based on analytics findings.

Audience Behavior Analysis

Understand how local audiences interact with your business. Our analytics reveal user behavior patterns, allowing you to adapt and enhance your local strategies.

Customized Reporting Dashboards

Capitalize on local events, holidays, and community moments tailored to your industry. We design campaigns that tap into the local zeitgeist, driving timely lead generation and calls.

Continuous Insights & Strategy Refinement:

As the local landscape evolves, so do our insights. With regular updates and analysis, we ensure your local strategies remain effective and in tune with changing local dynamics.

Our Ecommerce Web Design & Development Experts

Being a team of Certified eCommerce and CRO experts allows us to provide the best services. We help you to get your business to the top!

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Empower Your Local Business with Insights

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