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What we do

Web Design Services: Get a Custom Website Optimized for SEO and Mobile

Our web design team make your website look professional. We create innovative websites that capture your brand and improve your conversion rate to help grow your business and make it a valuable revenue and lead generation source for you.

From our website design services, you will receive a website that’s:

  • Responsive (mobile-friendly)

  • professionally Styled

  • Optimized for SEO

  • Secure

Our Certifications

Being a team of Certified eCommerce and CRO experts allows us to provide the best services. We help you to get your business to the top!

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Website Design Services Near you

We create and design custom lead-generation websites for local businesses and eCommerce sites in different industries. Our Montreal based in-house web designers and web developers work together to provide exceptional work based on your business goals. We have served clients in almost all major cities across the North America including but not limited to; Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Halifax, Fredericton, Quebec City, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Boston

Why Work With GroupFractal To Grow Your Business?

We invite you to discover a few of our proprietary systems that can significantly grow your business. We consider and customize every detail, from page structure to design techniques to copy-writing. Here is how we do it!

    • Clients’ websites are developed using leading-edge conversion rates and search engine optimization practices and techniques. These are key to getting faster and more efficient results in search rankings and increased conversions.
    • Effective digital techniques often change, so reviewing and implementing the latest Google and Nielsen stats and information is imperative to ensure engaging audience elements and user experience are highly effective.
    • Before completion, each website undergoes a rigorous 23-step review process to meet all standards and objectives. The final work must be flawless.
    • Ongoing monitoring using the latest technology will ensure your business maintains stability and is prepared to seize growth opportunities.

What We Do In a Nutshell

Our web design service provides a customized website design perfect for your business or personal site. We work with you to create a design that matches your brand while giving your customers a seamless user experience that will delight them.

  • Existing websites: We start by improving information architecture to help users quickly find information and complete desired tasks.
  • New websites: This process starts by building a wire-frame designed from scratch to ensure all your business needs, products, and customer behaviors have been included.
  • We select colours based on psychological intent that increases responses to the CTA.
  • Interfaces are developed to coincide with each website’s audience demographics, psychographics, and latest trends.
  • Available aspect ratios are used to make eye scanning easier. We favour the Fibonacci patterns for its advantages.
  • Customized copy is strategically developed for each page to match user intent and page objectives.
  • Complete Responsive Web Site Design – Using the latest technology, your website will look professional on all devices.

Seal the sales leak in your website today!

We’re your one-stop shop for innovative digital marketing strategies and creative web design—everything your business needs to succeed.

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