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Our Site SEO audits will reveal problems and offer solutions. Each website is unique and faces unique challenges. Our SEO audit is done by experienced SEO experts. We analyze your website and prioritize recommendations and deliverables you can implement immediately to improve your site’s performance.

Our Comprehensive SEO Audit includes:

We take our work seriously and our superior expertise is second to none. That’s why we can confidently offer a lifetime guarantee. After the audit is complete, regardless of how much time has passed, we are always available to answer questions, address concerns, and support your business.

Website Crawlability

Identify technical problems and issues read more

Site Content Analysis

Duplicate content, index rate, crawling rate read more

Site Speed Performance

Make your web pages fast on all devices read more

Backlink Profile Audit

Strategy experience and analytical expertise combine read more

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In-dept SEO audit Core Values

The first step in any successful strategy is to audit your current activities against the best SEO practices. Our SEO comprehensive review giving recommendations to improve your organic traffic.

Keyword Gap Analysis Have you completed a keyword gap analysis?

Competition Analysis Do domain authority and backlink history compare against competitors?

Crawling and Indexing Does your site redirects and  canonicalization follow best practices?

Mobile-First Index Is your site mobile friendly? How to improve your mobile rankings?

Content Marketing Do you have an effective content marketing strategy for organic link acquisition?

Rich-Quality Links Is the quality of your backlink profile reviewed regularly?


Comprehensive SEO Audit & Competitive Analysis

About the studio

All internet businesses stand to gain valuable information with a semiannual Comprehensive SEO Audit & Competitive Analysis. Without the following audits and analysis, your website is not gaining on-site traction or increasing its search rankings. This means you aren’t getting your share of organic traffic.

Here are a few of the tasks we perform on your behalf:

  • Review indexed pages and images to discover if they are driving organic traffic to the site
  • Google and Bing Webmaster data review to correct what is missing
  • Cached content analysis of key pages to determine their effectiveness
  • Site ranking analysis for the brand, key terms and company name to determine progress
  • 404 error handler analysis and corrections as needed
  • txt and .htaccess audit to avoid a drastic ranking drop from having incorrect directions
  • XML sitemap audit to check for broken links and correct navigation
  • Index-able navigation system analysis will check indexing so it can be crawled effectively
  • Smartphone view analysis to ensure elements are being displayed responsively
  • Test crawl and error review to check or debug any resource type fetch errors or requests
  • Dynamic site analysis and URL construction review

Site Content Audit

Content marketing has again become one of the most important tactics used in digital marketing campaigns. Therefore, the goal of this audit is to review the full inventory of “indexable content” to ensure each asset is doing its job or to determine if any require improvement. We also look for:

  • Duplicate internal and external content and external
  • Index rate
  • Crawling rate
  • SiteMap and Content Code
  • www and none www versions index analysis
  • IP and host name index analysis
  • Mobile content duplicate content audit
  • 301 redirects and canonical URL audit
  • Review additional domains, subdomains, subdirectories and secure servers for duplicate content
  • Duplicate image analysis and review both internally and externally

WebSite Health Audit

The three most important website issues besides content: Security, Speed & Competitive Analysis. Security is becoming a bigger priority as we head into the future. Trolls, hackers and more are attacking unsuspecting websites daily, so it can no longer be ignored or put on the back burner. Speed is also crucial. If your site doesn’t open in the first eight seconds, you have lost a potential user. Therefore your site’s average load time needs to be less than that in order to capture and maintain customer attention. Lastly, the competition: We review a few of the top sites that are the most similar to yours and identify what can be done to keep your business ahead. A few of our methods:

  • Image optimization
  • Network speed
  • Load speed
  • Review speed bottlenecks from first byte to code flush to the browser
  • Combine, clean and merge techniques for website styles
  • Javascript optimization

Site Architecture Audit

Many website and business owners believe that once a website is completely up and running they will see immediate traffic, which is far from the truth. Since search engines use crawlers and bots to index websites and include them in keyword searches, the website must be built to serve that purpose. Not all website designers take this important aspect into consideration and simply build for aesthetics and style.  We understand the importance of going through each facet from a multi-purpose viewpoint so we review each element through our SEO-friendly perspective. Here are a few of the areas that are audited and analyzed:

  • Website structure
  • Design pattern
  • Search index-ability
  • Code structure
  • Website theme

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We’ll analyze your business, find the areas that need to be improved and come up with a game plan to boost your revenue.

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On-Page Data Audit

It’s very likely that you may need to ramp up your SEO on-page data strategy. We review the site’s current data rendering to determine if any changes have been made that require a rendering of your code structure. When a code structure is not rendered properly and effectively, you could be losing valuable time and money.

In-depth Social Signals

Do you know the magnitude by which social signals can affect SEO? When you see the analytics you will understand the importance of placing social media interaction and progress reports on your hot list. We conduct an in-depth review of your company’s social signals on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, G+, Youtube, Pinterest and Instagram to discover your social media’s current status.

Mobile Keyword Search and Smart Device Audit

Since mobile constitutes over 50% of all website traffic, mobile optimization needs to be a priority. If you think that passing Google’s Mobile Friendly test is enough, it is not. Mobile users tend to use shorter keyword searches and more locally than desktop users. Therefore, we conduct a comprehensive mobile UX & SEO audit to check or adjust your site’s local SEO strategy. That includes reviewing:

  • Mobile crawl errors
  • Mobile site speed
  • Mobile usability issues
  • Mobile need for a separate XML sitemap
  • Optimizing for voice searches
  • Mobile navigation
  • Remove Flash use, to improve loading issues Make any videos responsive
  • Pop-up
  • settings

Paid Advertising Audit

If you’re not getting your share of organic traffic from internet searches, you may want to ramp up the momentum with paid advertising on Adwords, Bing, Facebook and Adroll. If you’re already involved in ppc adwords services and not entirely sure how to get the most for your money, we can conduct an advanced custom advertising audit.

Keyword Search and Analysis

Our keyword tools and methods are state-of-the-art and allow us to hone in on the keyword strategy that is working the best for your particular business. It is an audit that every website needs to better develop strategic marketing campaigns and on-site content.

Analytics Audit

We audit your Analytics platform and report back with recommended changes that could enhance and refine your data gathering. The more you know and understand your website visitors and users, the more sophisticated your methods, tactics and content can become. This can result in spending less to target and reach your target audience.

Benefits Why You Need SEO Audits

Most people, even some in the tech field, are not familiar with the exhaustive process included in our comprehensive SEO audits. Our investigations are mission-critical and robust; they were developed to surface your site’s strengths, weaknesses and progress.  We then synthesize our findings into understandable terms and action items that will speed up positive SEO results.

  • We are Certified Google experts, certified eCommerce specialists, Experienced UX experts.
  • We work with high level of integrity and professionalism. We establish close working relationships with our clients.

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SEO Audit Services: Get a Complete Audit

Our team applies its wide-ranging experience to determining the strategies that will best enable our clients to achieve clear, long-term objectives. Meeting business objectives To succeed in the online world, businesses need to keep up with changes in algorithms, linking, etc. We recommend a comprehensive audit at least twice a year; however, it’s better to conduct an audit every quarter. In-depth audits and analysis By combining your business objectives with in-depth custom audits, we’re able to find weaknesses deep within a site’s architecture and uncover what’s not working. But we don’t stop there. Our go-the-extra-mile service isn’t the standard in the industry. It takes lots of time, but we don’t mind – because it gets results for our clients.

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