It’s been a tough couple of years. This year’s landscape looks a lot different than the last time a recession was anticipated. Stay ahead of the curve by understanding and implementing this year’s changes.

1. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing will unfold further and become an even more strategic marketing tactic this year. Small-to-medium-sized marketers cannot afford to work with celebrity influencers who have millions of followers. However, currently over half of the marketers who invest in influencing marketing work with micro-influencers. (Micro-influencers are defined as those who have thousands to tens of thousands of followers vs. millions.)

2. Shorter Video Content

Video marketing has come a long way and is a great tool for educating, entertaining, and marketing companies’ products and services. It is anticipated that around 90% of marketers plan to use short-form videos to increase or at least maintain their market share. Longer videos no longer satisfy the shorter attention span of the general population. Grab the attention of potential customers and get to the point.

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3. Leverage SEO for Search Traffic

SEO has always been an important element in digital marketing. Now it is becoming even more so. SEO strategies will continue to fulfill all search optimization opportunities, which is hugely important to getting your company upfront and center and in prospects’ minds. SEO experts will provide analytics and metrics that will keep the company moving forward faster. Search insights, competitor insights, and more are the tools that provide solid directional recommendations.

4. Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing has been gaining traction over the past year and will continue to do so. It is a great use of time and assets to create brand awareness and build digital trust that will encourage customers to pursue your content. However, content needs to be engaging and informative. Powerpoint presentations and webinars are no longer fascinating. The technique has been used by a myriad of marketers for a few years now. Potential customers want to know which companies provide excellent customer service and great reviews and understand their importance as purchasers.

Marketers are no longer working within the sales funnel to capture customers’ attention.

The Flywheel method generates a steady stream of leads and prospects and sustains their loyalty with outstanding customer service.

5. Balanced Content: Value vs. Sales

This year, creating content that engages users/readers is more important. That means making content that includes outside sources, for example, industry information, third-party research, press coverage, interviews, podcasts, and other in-depth features. Use content to make connections with potential users and build brand communities. That may require a planned schedule of balanced content to invite users in and keep them engaged and interested in what your company offers.

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