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    TechWave Solutions

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    Information Technology

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    Organic LinkedIn Marketing and Prospecting


Enhancing B2B
Engagement for
TechWave Solutions


TechWave Solutions, a mid-sized IT service provider, was struggling to gain visibility and engage meaningfully with potential clients on LinkedIn. Despite having a substantial number of connections, their efforts were not translating into tangible business opportunities.


TechWave needed to refine their LinkedIn strategy to enhance their B2B engagement and convert connections into leads. Their goals included increasing the quality of connections, boosting engagement rates, and generating more leads from LinkedIn.


GroupFractal Inc. was engaged to revamp TechWave’s LinkedIn strategy with a focus on organic growth and targeted prospecting using LinkedIn Sales Navigator integrated with Apollo and Lemlist.


  1. Profile Optimization: Revamped TechWave’s company and key personnel profiles to enhance their appeal to targeted industries.
  2. Strategic Content Development: Implemented a content strategy that positioned TechWave as thought leaders in the IT industry.
  3. Apollo Integration: Utilized Apollo to segment and target ideal customer profiles, optimizing connection requests and follow-ups.
  4. Lemlist Campaigns: Set up personalized connection request and follow-up sequences using Lemlist, ensuring messages were timely and resonated with the targeted audience.
  5. Engagement Tracking: Monitored engagement and optimized strategies in real-time using advanced analytics from Lemlist and LinkedIn.


Within six months of implementing the new strategy:

0 %

Connection Rate Increase

The quality and relevance of connections improved dramatically.

0 X

Engagement Rates

More meaningful interactions were recorded, with a significant increase in profile visits and content interactions.

0 %

Lead Generation Boost

TechWave saw a 50% increase in qualified leads directly attributable to enhanced LinkedIn activities.


The strategic approach adopted by GroupFractal Inc. enabled TechWave Solutions to transform their LinkedIn presence. By focusing on organic growth and leveraging advanced targeting and automation tools like Apollo and Lemlist, TechWave was able to connect with the right prospects and convert these connections into valuable business relationships.

“We were impressed with how GroupFractal Inc. turned our LinkedIn efforts around. Their targeted approach and use of cutting-edge tools not only increased our visibility but also brought us closer to the industry leaders we aim to work with. The results speak for themselves!”

Elena Martinez
Marketing Director, TechWave Solutions