One of the most common ways to find a qualified, professional remodelling organization is through word-of-mouth referrals. People often ask friends, relatives, neighbours, and co-workers before blindly selecting a company. In today’s digital world, more people are looking online to check out reviews and testimonials through search engines and social media platforms before they select a company to take care of their renovation and remodelling needs.

Arya | Carpet Store

Client: Arya specializes in high-end carpets and rare and exclusive furniture and decor. The extensive inventory of carpets is presented in a gorgeous showroom in Laval, QC, but also offers online shopping and purchasing. The company’s personalized services attract consumers, designers, and architects who love the help of professionals that can provide tips, suggestions, and feedback.

Skills: Custom WordPress design and development, User Experience Optimization, WooCommerce Shopping cart design & optimization

Project Description: The owners of Arya understood the necessity of creating a website that could captivate shoppers within seconds of landing on the site. The website needed to create a showroom atmosphere so potential customers could get a better idea of the variety and quality of their inventory without going into the store. Due to the large volume of rugs, it was also important to divide the collections into sub-categories to make online searching quick and easy.

Once GroupFractal got involved, the team built a website that incorporated Arya’s high-end products using design techniques that encouraged shoppers to stay on the site and click on links to view more. Two different types of search features were included, making it easy for customers and clients to locate the specific categories in which they are interested. 

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