At GroupFractal, we have had extensive experience in a variety of industries. The jewelry industry is just one of many. We invite you to take a look at a couple of our most successful clients that we have helped brand

Krikawa Jewelry Store

Client: Krikawa is a family-operated business in Tucson, Arizona. It is owned and managed by a husband and wife team (Lisa and John Krikawa) and supported by other family members. The primary founder and lead designer, Lisa Krikawa, started this custom jewelry business in her garage in 1998 and launched the first website in 2002.

Services: Website Redesign, Wireframe designs, UX optimization, Conversion rate optimization

Project Description: Lisa Krikawa was looking for a tech partner with specific branding, growth, and conversion rate optimization expertise. Overall, the brand needed to boost and develop a higher level of national recognition and on-site conversions. After assessing the client’s situation through an audit and various metrics, we determined that we needed to revamp the website, make intricate design changes, and include full-scale conversion rate and user experience optimization. By making these changes and enhancements, we improved user experience functionality, conversion rate, generated more leads, and increased organic traffic.

The company is now a multi-million dollar platform and still growing.

Dimples Jewelry Store

Client: DimplesCharm is a jewelry business that primarily focuses on making unique and memorable fingerprint jewelry. Owned by a husband and wife team (Jeff and Patti), the company started when Jeff, a master jeweller, created a fingerprint charm from their son’s finger as Patti’s Mother’s Day gift. Patti loved it, as did other members of their small community, and from that event, DimplesCharms was born.

Skills: Transition from Shopify to WordPress, Redesign, Conversion optimization, UX optimization

Project Description: We were invited to partner with DimplesCharms to spread the word and increase the company’s online presence in the unique jewelry category. The company had an existing website on Shopify but required a better way to present their products, so the design and development of an effective website that featured the full array of DimplesCharms fingerprint and personalized jewelry was required.

Additionally, DimplesCharms wanted to be known as a custom jewelry company that specializes in capturing life’s precious moments by transforming them into treasured memories in the form of jewelry.

GroupFractal has expanded customer awareness and sales through intricate page layout wire-framing, usability testing, UX optimization and conversion rate optimization techniques. We continue to optimize the metrics and make alterations that will continue to enhance performance.

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