Through the use of computers, a variety of companies use technology to create, process, store, retrieve, and exchange all kinds of data and information. As such, it can be a very complex industry. Unless potential clients know and understand precisely what they need, promoting these types of services in a straightforward way is critical.


Client: Romin specializes in negotiation, administration, and project management specific to the telecommunications industry. It helps companies negotiate leases and follow through on municipal approvals, community consultation, and administration. With so many site acquisition services, the Romin Project Management team can assure clients that nothing will be missed, overlooked, or forgotten. The company’s mission is to be the leader in site acquisition and project management, guaranteeing they will be on time and on budget.

Skills: Custom WordPress website design and development, User Experience Optimization

Project Description: To continue to grow the company, president Robert Minotti and vice-president Sonia Guerriero decided to employ the services of GroupFractal. They understood the importance of developing a solid website that could be clearly understood, as information technology can seem complex. After GroupFractal conducted its initial audit, we set out to ensure the website would be: fast-loading, have good user experience (UX) design, consistent branding, responsive design, along with heavy use of white space. Additionally, the website needed to exude passion and experience, as the information can appear somewhat dry and non-creative.

The website GroupFractal developed included all of the critical elements and components that will continue to increase awareness and traffic on an ongoing basis.

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