Our robust eCommerce Cafe and Restaurant web design service includes UX optimization that encourages customers to order online, dine on-premise, and keep it top-of-mind so they will return frequently. We use the latest design techniques and tools with themes that are customizable and tailored to each restaurant’s strengths and geographic location. Also, a key ingredient for all restaurant websites – is the ability to make online reservations and online ordering for pickup and delivery.

Artigiani pizzeria cucin

Client: Artigiani Pizzeria Cucin is a pizzeria, cafe, and specialty food store that stocks pasta and classic sauces that they have created over the years. Established in 2009, Artigiana has always been a favorite for the locals. It is conveniently located in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal, Montreal, QC. The restaurant offers an authentic Italian culinary journey, including entrees, pastas, pizzas, and delightful homemade desserts.

Skills: WordPress Custom Web Design and Development, UX Optimization, Multi-Lingual Optimization for search

Project Description: Artigiana was known for its bustling waitpeople, lively crowds, and amazingly authentic and delicious cuisine. Unfortunately, after experiencing a decade of success, the pandemic came along and slowed the entire restaurant industry down for a couple of years. Luckily, prior to when the pandemic occurred, Artigiani had already partnered with GroupFractal for website design, intricate meta-data analysis, and inclusion, optimization techniques that only required ongoing design tweaks to keep it fresh and functional. 

By the time the stringent requirements for restaurants were lifted, the Artigiana website was prepped and ready to offer online reservations and on-premise dining. Artigiana is again the bustling, growing restaurant known for its amazing cuisine.

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